Demelza’s Décor daily rate is £135 and once we’ve agreed how many days you job will take, you’ll have it in writing that you’ll pay no more, even if the job takes longer than expected.

There’s no extra charge if convenient days for you happen to be at the weekend and Cathryn often works in homes where the owner is absent.

There are no hidden extras – the daily rates include everything listed under Services.

What’s included?

Every client receives a free quotation and at least one planning visit. Once colours and materials are agreed, Cathryn is happy to shop around to find the best deals for your chosen wallpaper or paint or alternatively you can supply your own.  

If you’re planning a big renovation and you’d like advice and ideas for colours and materials, there’s no extra charge.  Once we’ve agreed the quotation for the overall work, Demelza’s Decor will be delighted to put together ‘mood boards’ and samples for each room with ideas for your consideration.

Demelza’s Decor has a turnover below the VAT threshold so you will not pay VAT on your invoice.  However, Cathryn is proud to pay her taxes to support Cornwall’s public services so please don’t ask for a ‘cash in hand’ discount!  Payment is by cheque or bank transfer on completion of the work.

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